Platforms and Integrations

You shouldn’t have to go to learning. We build platforms to bring learning to you.

Platform Development and Integrations

  • Browser-based platform 
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android 
  • In-application plugin 
  • In-browser plugin 
  • AI help bot 

From inconsistent file structures, to deleted email chains, to varied business tools across teams, almost every organization suffers from knowledge silos. And even those that are diligent about file structure, struggle to surface the right piece of information to the right person at the right time.  

For learning and knowledge acquisition to be a truly seamless part of the business process, you don’t need your employees to go to the learning, you need the learning to come to your employees.  

We build platforms that leverage proprietary algorithms to build individualized learning paths based on each employee’s current job role, the goals that they want to achieve, and their individual skill and knowledge gaps that need to be filled in order to get them there.  


Engagement and Analytics

Intelligent, analytic-driven targeting.

Content Engineering

Creating great content is hard. Having our experts on your side makes it easy.